Speaking - Mother's Groups

Although these are examples of messages Jaimie has given, every message is re-evaluated and prayed over for your specific group.   Every message uses the Bible as the foundation for each theme and point.  Messages can also be tailored to your specific topic or Scripture used for your event.

For Mom’s Groups:

Finding Joy – This message deals with 4 emotions that moms face: comparisons, isolation, mommy-guilt and fear.  In this message, Scripture is used to gently encourage listeners how to overcome these areas and find joy once again.  (Download Audio)

Finding Purpose- This message encourages moms to discover the ways that they have changed and grown since becoming a mother, and to identify new gifts and abilities that they may not have recognized they have.  This message challenges moms to use their current season in life to touch the lives of others they come into contact with.

Lonely No More - This message encourages women to step out of their comfort zones and find ways to connect with other women, beyond superficial conversations.  How do moms find time for friendships while mothering small children?  Easy ways will be shared that mothers in any season can do.  Unity is also touched upon in this message, so it is great for groups who are just beginning together or need to come closer.

Every Season – This message examines the different seasons of motherhood, looking at the joys and trials of each period of our child’s growth.  Moms will laugh as they recall moments that didn’t seem funny at the time, and how God uses those moments to shape and grow us.

Love More, Fear Less – This message talks about the two strongest emotions mothers face: love and fear.  Listeners will be encouraged through hearing from Matthew 6: 25-34 and taught strategies for how to fear less, and love their children more. (Download Audio)

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