Speaking- Women's Groups

For Women’s Groups:

You’ve Got a Friend in Me – This message talks about relationships in a fun and candid way, both those that drain us of energy and those that build us up.  We will discover ways to find new friends, invest in those we have, and set limits in toxic relationships.

Called to Lead – Women are gifted in so many ways, yet their insecurities often keep them from stepping out in new ways. We’ll look at ways that God wants to use each person, whether introverted or extroverted, whether gifted in front of people or behind the scenes. Biblical examples are given of women who led in a variety of circumstances, and listeners will be challenged to allow God to use them in new and exciting ways.

Opposites Attract – From her own personal story of being married to her exact opposite, Jaimie shares with humor how God has changed her and molded her through her relationship with her spouse.  This message encourages listeners who are struggling in their marriages and gives hope to those feeling hurt and alone.

Topical or Scripture-based Messages – Whatever your theme or topic is, Jaimie prays about each event to craft a message specifically geared towards your audience.  Past themes Jaimie has worked with have included: “Under Construction” (women’s retreat), “Seasons of Life” (women’s retreat), “Hats” (women’s tea), “His Creation” (Mother’s group), and many more.  Contact her today for ideas for your women’s event.

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